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Flexible 3% Down Mortgage Options

Low Down Payment Mortgage

Make your money go further with 3% down payment mortgage.

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So you’ve been saving…

And saving, and saving, but home prices keep rising, especially here in Colorado.  That’s why we are offering a mortgage with a down payment as low as 3%.  Stretch your dollar to get into the perfect home for you.  A low down payment can give you extra flexibility with your future mortgage.

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Home Loans

AccountTermInterest RateAPRPrincipal and Interest Payment for $250,000 Loan
Conventional Fixed Rate 15 yrs.7.0007.252$2,247.07
Conventional Fixed Rate20 yrs.7.0007.203$1,938.25
Conventional Fixed Rate30 yrs.7.3757.535$1,726.69
3% Down Payment Mortgage*30 yrs.7.6257.786$1,769.48
Fast Track Mortgage*10 yrs.6.2506.598$2,807.00
Fixed Rate Second Mortgage15 yrs.8.000 - 9.3758.132 - 9.452$1,433.48 - $1,555.04

All loans are subject to credit and collateral approval, as well as income verification and employment verification. Home loan rates are subject to change at anytime, without notice. Payment examples above are base on a $250,000 loan. Payment examples are principal and interest only. Credit, taxes, insurance, other costs, may increase the payment amount. Properties must be in Colorado.  Down payment example: 20% down of $250,000 is $50,000.

Please consult a Mortgage Loan Officer for complete details.

*Rates are subject to credit and loan to value. 3% down on a $250,000 mortgage is equal to $7,500. For complete mortgage rate details, please contact our Mortgage Lending Department by calling 303-573-1170, or use our contact form.