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3 Cures for your Tax Procrastination

Excited to hear that tax season opened right on schedule? Who isn’t, right? Are you filing your taxes today, or do you see the April 15th due date as a far and distant time?

If putting it off is your thing, you’re not alone. Last year, 14 million people submitted their taxes on the last day.1 Even more people filed for an extension. Millions took their procrastination to the next level by filing at the last day of their extension.2

I can’t imagine why, but there seems to be a procrastination epidemic when it comes to filing taxes. With the behavior of millions at stake, there is only one possible cure. An easy to digest list of reasons to file early!

Vaccination for Identity Theft

Picture this. You wait to file, but still file before the due date. Instead of your return, you receive a notice from the IRS saying that a return has already been filed with your SSN. You’ve been a victim of tax-refund identity theft.

The IRS uses the elegant system of “first come, first serve” when it comes to filing under your SSN. You might unknowingly be in a race to file first. We’ve talked before about how protecting against data breaches needs to be the new normal. The big Equifax breach in 2017 leaked the info of 145.5 million people. For perspective, there are 243.3 million adults in the USA.3

Money Now or Money Later

The earlier you file, the sooner you get your return if you are expecting one. That’s extra money in your pocket. Are there studies that show that having money is more beneficial than not? Probably. Let’s assume there are. Getting your money earlier means you can get a head start on interest earning savings. For example, you can have more time to earn on a Certificate of Deposit. You can also establish emergency savings sooner. The math checks out. Having more earlier means having even more later.

Paying the Taxman

Even if you typically receive a return, you might be surprised to find that you owe this year. There have been a lot of recent changes to the tax code, including the withholding tables. Millions of people are discovering that they didn’t withhold enough.4 Whether you expect to owe or not, filing early will give you more time to figure out how you’ll pay. Otherwise, you could be in for a stressful surprise.

File early. File today. If you are expecting a return this year, you’ll need our routing number and your account number to direct deposit your return. You can find our routing number and instructions to find your account number below.


Our Routing Number:


 Finding your account number in Online Banking:

1.            Locate our account in the dashboard.

2.            Your full account number is the number listed as MaskMICR. This includes zeros and the digit after your member number. (see #2 in screenshot below)