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Total Merchant Concepts (TMC): Your Trusted Credit Card Processing Partner

Business members are always trying to find more time and shouldn’t have to spend their time searching for a trustworthy Payment Processing Company.

With all the options out there, how do you know who to trust?

That’s where Zing Credit Union steps in because we’ve done the research for you!

Total Merchant Concepts (TMC) is a credit card processing company that has been a trusted partner of Zing Credit Union for over four years. Our partnership benefits business members and our individual members who wish to use credit cards when shopping at local businesses. TMC provides credit card processing, and other services geared towards helping our business members grow while having the ability to take credit cards in whatever application is best for their situation.

Zing Credit Union provides tools for our members that make it easier to process transactions and grow businesses – but that’s not all! Here are a few other benefits.

Highly affordable! That way you can save on what really matters.

  • Month-to-month contracts -TMC EARNS your business!
  • Low set-up costs
  • Affordable Equipment
  • Non-profit and Auction assist
  • And excellent Customer Service!

Powerfully Compatible

  • Compatible with most networks, registers and terminals
  • Web-based virtual terminals
  • Delayed or real-time web authorization
  • Wireless and mobile options for home-based or mobile businesses
  • EMV & NFC Solutions (Chip, Pin, ApplePay,)
  • Electronic check processing (verification/guarantee/ACH conversion)
  • Accounting and POS Software options

Together, Zing Credit Union and TMC partner to make your experience the BEST it can be by reducing frustration and helping you focus on growing your business!

You can learn more about Zing on our website and more about TMC by clicking the Merchant Services tab under Business.

We welcome your questions! Use our contact us form, or give us a call at 303-573-1170.


“Total Merchant Concepts’ credit card processing system is top-notch. They make it easy for customers to purchase our books online, and I like their system for keeping customers informed of the timeline for receiving their merchandise. Any questions I have are answered promptly.”

Callie Hearne


“I have been with TMC for 16 years. They were recommended to me by my credit union. ANY time I have a question, they are just a phone call away. Every year they do my credit card compliance survey for me (because it’s just too complicated for me!) They even went the extra mile to get me a better rate on processing credit cards because I never had any chargebacks after years. They also set me up with a beautiful custom designed header as well in my credit card processing site. THANK YOU TMC for such awesome service! I’m never changing companies!”

Denice Moffat


“As a new small business, I’ve had to learn just about everything. Total Merchant Concepts Inc. has been a trouble shooter, business consultant, selling coach, charge card processor and technical support. Everyone I speak with is helpful and frankly fun. Their attitude towards us, the customer, is respectful and problem-solving. They were recommended by my banker and am I glad he suggested I call and see what services they provide and at what cost. I actually spoke with someone who spent 45 mins to help me understand what it is they can do for me. Best choice. Best service. Great to have this team to support me.”

Lorraine Ann Bowen