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Zing’s Newest Business Partner: Centennial Lending

At Zing, we partner with a variety of businesses to ensure we provide you with the best opportunities to succeed financially. Recently, we partnered with Centennial Lending, to provide entrepreneurs and business owners with flexible and competitive commercial real estate loans. Not only are commercial real estate loans for traditional businesses and properties but also for mixed-used spaces, refinancing businesses, or those seeking an extra line of credit for unseen expenses.

“Centennial Lending is a credit union service organization. Established more than 20 years ago to meet the residential mortgage and commercial lending needs of our partner credit unions’ members, we now provide service to more than 100 credit unions as well as the general public; doing business in nine states.” With over 100 years of combined commercial lending experience, Centennial Lending is eager to help members create a successful business by providing commercial real estate loans.

Here are the benefits:

  1. Solutions Oriented
  2. Timely Process
  3. No Nonsense
  4. Flexible Terms
  5. In-house underwriting, processing, closing, and servicing
  6. No early payoff fees

Watch this video to learn about Centennial Lending.

Frequently asked questions

How do you get started with applying for a commercial real estate loan?

Do I contact Zing or Centennial Lending to get started?

How do I know I need a real estate loan? Or How do I qualify?

  • Our team of experts provide financial consultation on the options available to each member they work with. Using your real estate to meet business needs is determined on a case by cases basis.  For qualification, Centennial Lending looks at 3 years of tax returns and a current year profit and loss.  Additionally, we look at credit history the members ability to repay.

What are the current rates?


Find out more about the business resources Zing has to offer.

“I have worked with Centennial for my past handful of commercial real estate loans. Every step has been extremely easy and has closed on time. By far easier than any residential loan I have ever gotten and a better rate.  I found Centennial shopping for the best rate around, and the service far exceeded my expectations. Centennial has become my go-to lender now.”

Google Reviews March 2023


“My dealings with Centennial Lending have all been favorable. Everyone I have come in contact with at the org over this first 3 years has been professional and courteous. I highly recommend them for any financial or lending needs you may have. Go local!”

Better Business Bureau April 2023