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Finding Our Sweet Spot

Do you remember when you first started your business?

Business ownership is certainly not for the faint of heart and it turns out- it is no fairy tale either.  Somewhere along the way, along with many other life lessons, business owners realize that we cannot be everything to everyone and we need to seek out and find our Niche’; our Sweet Spot.  This realization, while painful, is one that is so critically important to the success of any business!

Here are a few ways you can identify your ideal customer and locate your Niche’:

  • Review your customer/client list and see if you notice a trend
  • Select a small handful of your longest-standing clients and ask them what they feel you do best
  • Talk to your staff to see what customers/clients seem to be the very best fit for your company

Once you have identified the customers or clients you serve best:

  • Tailor your message to fit your ideal customer
  • Ask your existing customers to refer businesses in their circle of influence
  • Look for additional ways to provide value to your new Niche’

There will always be competitors that promise better service or lower pricing and sometimes you will lose valuable customers to their promises.  We have to remember to stay focused on what we know and what we believe.  We also need to remember that there are plenty of customers out there who will support us in our endeavors.  When we do what is right, provide a fairly priced product or service, a season that product mix with exceptional, personalized service then (and only then) do we EARN the right to be of service!  The businesses who are looking for our exact mix will come and they will stay!  The customers who appreciate the value of a small business owner’s commitment to integrity and the best combination of price and service will refer their friends and business associates.  The vendors/referral partners who appreciate the manner in which products and services are provided will seek out your business.  Zeroing in on the clients you serve best will give you more time to be thankful and truly appreciate those who embrace and support your vision.

No Fairy Tale ending I’m afraid (small business ownership has its moments!), but finally realizing what your Niche’ or your Sweet Spot is- frees you to focus and forget about being everything to everyone!

Cheri Perry of Total Merchant Concepts, 12/14/2020