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Contactless Cards

Contactless Cards Coming Soon!

Enjoy tap and go transactions!

Zing Credit Union members will soon be receiving contactless cards!

In April, members who have a Zing Credit Card and/or Zing Clear Card will receive their new contactless cards by the end of the month.  Contactless Credit Cards and Clear Cards must be activated by June 26, 2023.  All non-contactless Credit Cards and Clear Cards will be deactivated on this date.

Debit Cards will be issued in May and June.


New Look

The contactless cards will features a unique, easy-to-find look featuring our new name and logo.

Quicker Transactions

Contactless transactions are often processed much quicker at point-of-sale terminals than EMV chip inserted transactions.

Same Protection

Like EMV chip cards, contactless cards create a unique, one-time code for each transaction.  These codes are specifically designed to combat fraud.


  • Yes! Your card number will stay the same.  The card CVV and expiration date may change.

  • In April 2022, Denver Community Credit Union rebranded to Zing Credit Union. Due to supply chain issues with chips, issuing new Zing Credit Union cards immediately after the rebrand was not possible.  Our card inventory is finally in, and we are so happy to get Zing Credit Union cards into the hands of our members.

  • When tapped at a point-of-sale terminal, your contactless card generates and transmits a one-time code that is specifically designed to combat fraud, keeping your transactions safe and secure.

    For more about contactless technology, please visit

  • If a merchant doesn’t offer tap to pay technology, you can use your card as normal by inserting the chip into the terminal or running the mag stripe.

  • Yes.  You must enable your new contactless card.  Your non-contactless Credit Card or Clear Card will be deactivated on June 26th, 2023.