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Digital Wallet

Say goodbye to cash and cards

Make quick, easy, and secure payments all from your phone.

Less is More

Finally, you can leave those bulky wallets at home.

Swift and Simple

All it takes is a quick wave of your device at the terminal, and you’ll be on your way.


Through encryption technology and tokenization, your account information will be kept hidden.



Adding your card to a digital wallet


Install a digital wallet app

There are many to choose from. Find one that is compatible with your device.


Follow your wallet's instructions

There may be a verification process with a one-time passcode. Do not share that code with anyone!



Once you've confirmed that your card has been added, you'll be able to make purchases at the terminal with a wave of you phone.

Popular Digital Wallets

Choose the right one for you

Apple Pay

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Google Pay

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Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay Logo

Now available!

Get your credit score and credit monitoring all in digital and online banking!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us immediately.

Logging into your online or mobile banking account, and turning your cards off with card controls may prevent unauthorized transactions. Remember to monitor transactions on your account.

Make use of your devices security features. Don’t share your device’s passcodes or swipe patterns. Keep your device in a secure location.

Digital Wallets Disclosures

Google Pay is a registered trademark of Google Inc. Apple Pay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. Samsung Pay is a registered trademarks of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.