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8 Steps to Buying a Used Car

1. Crunch the numbers – How much car can you afford? [Learn more about how our auto loans can help you.]
2. Research – Find used cars for sale in dealerships or through private sellers on Craigslist. Get a vehicle history report on each car from
3. Create a target list – After researching, narrow down your choices to three model cars.
4. Contact the seller – Ask if the car is still available and if the posted information is true. Set up an appointment for a test drive.
5. Test-drive – As you do, note any details like legroom, acceleration, sounds and visibility.
6. Have it inspected – This can save you loads of aggravation and money down the line.
7. Negotiate – Make an opening offer based on the average price for your car.
8. Make it official – Ensure the title and registration are officially transferred to you.

8 Steps to Buying a Used Car Infographic