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Home Refinancing

Loans for Refinancing

A mortgage is a big commitment. Is your current mortgage doing the most for you? We can help with refinancing options.

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Refinancing a Home

Getting the most out of your greatest investment can lead to all sorts of opportunities.  We have a loan just for you to help you accomplish your dreams.

In 2021, we helped 108 members refinance their mortgage to fit their needs!

Mortgage Solutions

Fast Track Mortgage

Living on the fast track?  Pay off your home in 10 years with a Fast Track Mortgage!

Traditional Mortgage

Terms from 15-30 years, and adjustable rate mortgages are available allowing for a perfect fit.

Equity Loans

Want to finance a project?  A home equity loan may be a better fit.

Not sure which is the best fit?

Our Mortgage Lending Team is standing by to help! Call 303-573-1170 or use our contact form.


Borrower Checklist

Getting all the necessary documents ready for a quick and smooth refinancing process.

Current Rates

See current rates.  Rates are subject to change without notice.  Please contact us for the most up-to-date rates.

How much is my home worth?

Find out now with Homebot!

Protect Your Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to help

Our local mortgage lending team has more than 32 years of experience.

Home Refinancing Disclosures

All loans are with approved credit and collateral approval.  All properties financed by Zing Credit Union must be within Colorado.