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GAP Advantage

Accidents happen

Save hundreds or thousands of dollars if your vehicle is totaled.

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Out of no where, it happens. Your car is considered totaled by your insurance company thanks to an accident on the way home from work.  Maybe it was completely out of your control, and your car was totaled thanks to a freak hail storm!  Either way, if you have a loan on your vehicle and no GAP coverage, you are on the hook for the outstanding balance.

Choose GAP Advantage

GAP Advantage is a protection service that can be purchased for any auto loan.  Since your vehicle is the collateral of an auto loan, your insurance is required to pay your lender for the value of your car at the time of it being totaled.  The value of your car may not equal your outstanding auto loan balance.  Without GAP Advantage, you are on the hook for that gap left between your auto loan balance and the value of your vehicle.  On top of that, you’ll still need a new car to get around!  Imagine paying for a car that you can no longer drive on top of paying for a new car.

Here's how it works


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We will contact you

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GAP is added to your loan

Depending on your auto loan payment, GAP simply adds a bit extra to the end of your loan.`

GAP Advantage Brochure

Extra Vehicle Protection

Explore Major Mechanical Protection (MMP)

Features and Benefits

Learn about MMP, and how it could protect you.

Coverage Brochure

Explore different MMP coverage levels.

GAP Disclosures

The purchase of GAP Advantage is voluntary and cannot be required as a condition of loan approval. GAP Advantage is a loan deficiency waiver and is not offered as insurance coverage in most states. This brochure is not a contract and the contents are limited by its size. It only provides a general summary of plan options that are available. Be sure to read your specific contract, as all benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of that contract. Skipped or missed payments, late charges, refundable service warranty contracts, other insurance-related products, and interest charged after the date of loss will be deducted from the GAP Advantage settlement.

* Must finance your next vehicle with Zing Credit Union to receive $1,000 allowance.