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Mortgage Servicing Transfer Notice

Your mortgage servicer is changing

Effective October 1st, 2021

Visit Midwest Loan Services

Thank you for your ongoing mortgage business with Zing Credit Union.  If your current mortgage loan is currently serviced by Pivot Servicing Group, please note that the servicing of your loan is transferring  to Midwest Loan Services effective October 1, 2021.  Please make your mortgage payments with Midwest Loan Services after this date.

If you currently have your monthly payment automatically drafted or deducted from your bank account, please be advised that this service will discontinue at the time of transfer. Please contact Midwest Loan Services to enroll in their automatic payment service or use their ACH form on or after October 1st, 2021: Midwest Loan Services ACH Form.

If you have a payment automatically drafted to Pivot Servicing Group, this has been cancelled. You will want to set-up a new payment through Midwest Loan Services as soon as possible. Under federal law, you will not be reported late to the credit bureaus or be charged a late fee for the first 60 days.

Pivot Servicing Group will forward all payments made to them by mail for the first 60 days, but please begin sending your payment to Midwest Loan Services in October.

Please anticipate a welcome letter and phone call from Midwest Loan Services with further information.  If you have any questions about this transition, please contact Zing Credit Union at 303-573-1170, or contact Midwest Loan Services at 1-800-262-6574.