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Second Mortgage

A loan that packs a powerful punch

Perfect for big expenses, this loan is backed up by the value in your home.

Apply Online Estimate Payment

Flexible terms and fixed rates

Know exactly what to expect with your payment.

No pre-payment penalties

Early payments allow you to skip extra interest down the road.

Money to make things happen

Use your newfound cash for home improvements, education costs, and more.

I love my credit union. Wouldn't bank anywhere else. I've had car loans, a second mortgage, an equity loan, do bill pay, and have all my accounts with Zing. Most of my transactions are drive thru and everyone is always so polite and happy.

Diana H.

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Property Tax: 167
Homeowners Insurance: 100
HOA Fee: 0
Mortgage Insurance: 167
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Frequently Asked Questions

Zing offers free online e-courses that provides information about mortgages and home ownership.  Visit our e-course page today. 

Please click here to access our borrower checklist.

Approximately 30-45 days.

Yes. They may provide you with a list of documents, and then they will give you the contact information to one of our expert mortgage loan officers.

Closing costs are usually between 1.50% to 2.00% of the loan amount.

We offer many mortgages. Some mortgages may require less of a down payment than others. We offer mortgages with down payment requirements as low as 3%.  Please contact a mortgage loan officer for more details.

620 is the minimum credit score to qualify for a home loan. Please note that other factors like income, debt-to-income, loan to value, among others can impact your ability to qualify.

Here's how it works


Apply online

Fill out an application online or give us a call. We pride ourselves on our turnaround times.


Get approved

Once you're approved, we'll get your money sent straight to you in one large, lump sum.


Never miss a payment

Set up automatic payments within Online Banking, and you'll never have to worry about missing one.

Protect Your Home.

Traditional Second Mortgage Disclosures

All loans are subject to credit and collateral approval, as well as income and employment verification.