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Credit Builder Loan

Build your credit

No collateral or money up front required. No credit check needed.

Get Started

Build credit and savings at the same time.

Keep the principal paid at the end of the loan.

No credit check required.

It doesn’t matter if you have no credit or bad credit.

No collateral needed.

You don’t need to have any money up front to secure your loan.

How a credit builder loan works


Select your amount

Choose the loan option with the monthly payment that best fits your budget.


Make on-time payments

Your payments get reported to the credit bureaus, which may help improve your credit.*


Unlock your savings

Once your loan is paid off, access the principal paid on the loan. This loan also acts as a forced savings.

Credit Builder Loans

Option #1Option #2
Monthly PaymentUnder $25/monthUnder $50/month
Term24 Months24 Months
Interest Rate24 month CD rate + 10%24 month CD rate + 10%
Application fee$25$25
End of Loan SavingsApproximately $500**Approximately $1,000**

Financial Education

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Credit Builder Loan Disclosures

*Use of this loan does not guarantee a positive impact on your credit.

**The end of loan savings amount is dependent upon your interest rate and loan payment.